Collier Housing Impact Investment Fund

Housing Affordability in
Collier County

Having a place to call home is essential for the well-being of individual families and community members and ensuring Collier County’s continued economic growth and success. The effectiveness of our community’s response to its housing needs will determine its future — and ensure a vibrant, diverse, and economically healthy Collier County. As the need for affordable, stable, and quality housing options for all types of households and income levels continues to rise – so does the need for a collective response with public, private, and philanthropic alignment, action, and investment.

The Collier Community Foundation is uniquely qualified to play a leadership role in this effort. Through the newly created Collier Housing Impact Investment Fund, the Foundation will serve as the catalyst for investing in solutions to housing affordability.

“With an investment of $1 million from our unrestricted assets, the Collier Community Foundation has launched the Collier Housing Impact Investment Fund.  We invite the community to join us as we strive for the phase one goal of $10 million that will set Collier County on the path to a solution to our affordable housing crisis.”
– Rob Funderburg, Foundation Board Chair

Investing in Solutions

The Collier Housing Impact Investment Fund is a revolving loan fund, for developers, designed to achieve a social and financial return by closing funding gaps that can inhibit housing affordability. Through impact investing, this innovative model provides short-term, low-interest loan capital to both nonprofit and for-profit developers. When the loans are repaid, the monies are reinvested to fund new initiatives, thus creating sustainability.

For example, a loan may be provided during pre-development (zoning, permitting, land acquisition) where projects are often delayed or derailed due to limited financing, helping to eliminate this barrier will incentivize and increase inventory that is desperately needed today.

  • Individuals and businesses concerned about housing affordability make tax-deductible* contributions to the Collier Community Foundation to be pooled and invested in the Collier Housing Impact Investment Fund.
  • Potential projects are identified and assessed by trusted community partners and proposed to CCF for consideration.
  • Investment opportunities aligned with the community’s needs are evaluated by CCF leadership and an external investment consultant ensures they meet affordability criteria and are viable solutions.
  • When approved, capital is invested in the form of flexible, cost-effective loans that are expected to be paid back, thus reinvesting the dollars to consistently fund new initiatives into the future.
  • Collier County thrives with new affordable, stable, and quality housing options.

*Please consult your tax advisor regarding tax-deductibility of contributions.


Call us at 239-649-5000 to learn how you can make an impact-focused investment or scan the QR code and start investing today!

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