The Need

To put it plainly, Collier County can be an expensive place to call home. An average single-family house here is nearly twice the cost of anywhere else in Florida, according to the 2017 community needs assessment. Our essential employees — including police officers, nurses, teachers and more — cannot afford to live in Collier County. And the high cost of housing is closely linked to other problems, like food insecurity, because it consumes a disproportionate share of household budgets.


  • $415,000 is the median purchase price for a single-family home in Collier County. The statewide median is $212,000
  • 58,000 county households are “housing-cost burdened,” meaning 30% or more of household income is spent on housing
  • When residents can’t find affordable housing where they work, they move farther away, increasing their transportation costs by 5%-10%
  • Over 10% of residents — and nearly 20% of children — are food insecure
  • Over $21 million = annual food budget shortfall in Collier County

Our Solution

Read “Priced Out of Paradise” – a report on what area experts have to say about the challenges of elevated housing costs, increased demand for food pantries, and how the Community Foundation will help lead collaborative projects and support food accessibility programs.


Help us make housing affordable and ensure no one goes hungry.