Charitable Giving Takes Many Forms

The personalized service the Community Foundation offers means it’s easy to arrange any type of gift to an existing fund or use those assets to create a fund. Cash and marketable securities are common contributions, but we will work with donors and professional advisors to help them reach philanthropy goals using any of the following types of assets.

Sustaining Society Membership

Members in this group provide an ongoing annual gift of $1,000 to help the Community Foundation of Collier County inspire and grow philanthropy and generosity throughout the area. This special group of dedicated supporters provides critical support to sustain our mission and operations.

Our members:

Mr. Narendrakumar and Dr. Renate Chevli

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Johns

Millstein Foundation Inc.

Ms. Geraldine A. Moss

Mrs. Mary Lynn Myers and Mr. Stephen Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Schroeder

Mr. Thomas A. Sully

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Taylor